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check out our Med Spa Startup Package!

Our Startup Package of materials may help you launch your med spa or get your current spa in improved compliance.

Here’s What’s Included:

Practice Management Binder (over 225 pages!) includes service protocols, standing orders and patient consent forms for over 20 common procedures! Also patient intake forms, laser safety guidelines and audit forms, med spa injectables reference tables, OSHA guidelines, DEA guidelines, Human Resources documents including Employment offer letters, Employment Agreements, Employee Handbook, Confidentiality Agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreements, and patient Release of Claims! All of these forms are to be reviewed by your attorney for suitability in your state, as we are not licensed attorneys.

Policies & Procedures Binder (15 items)

Electronic Medical Record (cloned instance of a complete, turn-key version of “Aesthetic Record”) includes dot phrases, informed consents, questionnaires, packages, inventory, cost and pricing on hundreds of products and services!

Med Spa Expert Consultation: 30 minute consultation phone call with a member of the NMD operations team AND our legal advisor where you can ask any question you want about med spa business plans, office selection, brand and marketing strategies, staffing requirements, insurance requirements, service selection, etc.

Our Management Services Agreement (MSA) designed specifically for med spas in your state.  The MSA defines the roles and responsibilities of the Managed Services Organization (MSO) and Practice. This may typically cost you $10,000 from a healthcare attorney!

BUNDLE AND SAVE get both the complete startup package and sample contracts for only $5,500!

Binders will be shipped to your door from FedEx. Contracts will be sent electronically. You will use the contracts in collaboration with your healthcare attorney as we are not providing legal advice nor acting as attorneys at any time or in any way whatsoever.

To purchase, simply reply to this email and a member of our team will be in touch. Any materials provided are licensed to the qualified purchaser and made available by NMD-Management Services, LLC “All Rights Reserved”.  We reserve the right to decline this offer for any reason to the interested party(s). Here is a list of what is included in the Practice Management Binder for reference:

Patient Intake Forms :

  • a. New Patient Intake Questionnaire
  • b. Patient Financial Responsibility Agreement
  • c. Patient Contact Authorization
  • d. Patient Consent to Treatment
  • e. Patient Release of the Provider of Service and the Clinic
  • f. Patient Acknowledgement of Provider
  • g. Arbitration Agreement
  • h. Authorization to Release and Disclose Photographs
  • i. HIPAA Compliance Document
  • j. Refund Policy
  • k. COVID-19 Informed Consent
  • l. Notice of Privacy Practices
  • m. Minor Medical Authorization

Informed Consent Forms :

  • a. Laser Hair Removal
  • b. Photo facial/IPL
  • c. PDO Threads
  • d. Neuromodulator
  • e. Dermal Filler
  • f. Laser Tattoo Removal
  • g. Laser Skin Resurfacing
  • h. Hydro dermabrasion
  • i. Intravenous Therapy
  • j. Microneedling
  • k. Phentermine
  • l. Laser Facial
  • m. Skin Lesion Removal using hyfrecation or plasma pen
  • n. Chemical Peel
  • o. IV/IM B12 and Amino Acid Injection
  • p. Topical anesthetic cream
  • q. Radiofrequency skin therapy/HIFU/Ulthera
  • r. Consent to Self-Inject
  • s. Testosterone Therapy
  • t. Sermorelin Acetate
  • u. Hyaluronidase Injection
  • v. Hormone Pellet Therapy
  • w. Weight Loss Program
  • x. PRP Therapy
  • y. Kybella
  • z. Coolsculpting

Service Protocols :

  • a. Standard Protocol Attestation
  • b. Body Contouring
  • c. Facial Treatments
  • d. HA Fillers and Reversal Agent Hyelenex
  • e. Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • f. IV Infusion
  • g. Laser Hair Removal
  • h. Lipotropic Injection
  • i. Microneedling
  • j. Vitamin B12 Injection
  • k. Neuromodulator
  • l. Nitrous Oxide
  • m. PRP Hair Restoration Injections
  • n. PDO Threads
  • o. Sclerotherapy
  • p. Tattoo Removal
  • q. Tattoo Removal
  • r. Ultherapy
  • s. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)
  • t. Weight Loss
  • u. Kybella

Laser Safety :

  • a. ASLMS Guidelines for office based laser procedures
  • b. ASLMS Educational Recommendations for non-physicians
  • c. Laser Safety Operational Guidelines
  • d. Operator Skills List Validation Checklist
  • e. Annual Laser Safety Training
  • f. Laser Safety Program
  • g. Annual Inspection of the laser equipment by the LSO/Medical Director

Reference Materials :

  • a. Advanced Practice Provider Authorization Page
  • b. Reconstitution Table and Syringe Sizes/Standing Orders
  • c. Testosterone Self-injection
  • d. Hair Removal Treatment Intervals and Growth Phases
  • e. Medication Administration Record Sample
  • f.  Standing Orders for med spa Rx like B12/Skinny Shots, numbing cream, etc.
Additional Components of the PMA Binder include:
OSHA Guidelines
Human Resources
Pharmaceuticals Management and MORE
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