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Your Med Spa Dreams, Brought To Life!

National Medical Directors (NMD) brings prescriptive aesthetic services to your organization or management company by following proven strategies to grow patient loyalty and profits.  Whether you are looking to offer wellness, weight loss, nutritional therapy, injectables or laser based skin care, we are the most experienced team of professionals on the planet who will help you achieve a patient experience that exceeds the standard of care.

Aesthetic Medicine ushers in a new and golden opportunity to those who respect it’s discipline and thrive off of the results.  Aesthetics is truly the “Bright Side of Medicine”.  Learn to bring joy, happiness and health to millions with proven wellness medicine techniques, diagnostics, and therapeutics.  Touted as one of the fastest growing segments of medical practice in the world, Aesthetic Medicine and its affiliate, Integrative Medicine, is once again giving doctors the opportunity to restore health and beauty, change lives and prevent disease.  Wellness, however, is not the absence of disease, but an objective measure of ones vitality, reflecting the internal condition of organ systems, mental health and aesthetic phenotype.  To influence these with our disciplines and proven protocols is to reap the rewards of a fulfilling career in aesthetic medicine, which will stand the test of time.  Such skills are not compatible with insurance based health care delivery models which focus on health crisis management.  NMD provides a full spectrum of support services to the medical spa industry such as aesthetic medicine expert physicians who bring top services to your organization, establishment of standard clinical protocols for each service provided, medical liability coverage, labor solutions, and marketing support for qualified businesses who wish to stand as leaders in the medical spa industry. Our goal is to work in partnership with our clients to build successful aesthetic medical practices and to provide safe and effective care to patients seeking improved appearance and higher quality lives.  

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